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Maid of All Work - Be Part of a Caring & Professional Team

Maid of All Work is proud to operate a successful, professional, team-oriented housekeeping business with very high standards. Our success relies on hiring dedicated team members who care about their clients' homes. Want to join our fun-spirited and caring crew? We’d be thrilled to talk with you. If you are a person who has the following qualities, then we are a match!

Pride in your work

Respectful of people’s privacy and sensitivities



Dedicated and loyal

Hard working

Bondable and trustworthy

A Family Approach

We train the “Maid of All Work” way. We have a thorough training video, manual and extensive on-the-job support. You will always feel well supported by management. We also utilize our own custom computer program which generates detailed customer profile cards. You will easily identify each client’s needs and specific requests and feel confident in dedication.

We listen—our door is always open. It is our goal that each and every employee feel fulfilled in their job. We want you to be happy coming into work and know that your company and customers appreciate your hard work. Call, email or text us today and, if possible, attach a resume.

Research shows you need these 5 things to be happy at work:

1. Work that challenges you
2. A sense of progress
3. No fear
4. Autonomy
5. Belonging

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Laura Vanderkam

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