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Helping Homeowners With Move In/Out and One Time Cleans. No Job Is Too Big!

Our move-in/move-out, downsizing, getting homes ready to sell, and estate closing services are an exceptional return on investment - we always increase the home's resale value and the speed in which it sells. It's so satisfying to help clients with what can often be a difficult and emotional experience. No need to worry, we have vast experience with all kinds of jobs including extreme hoarding and we will help you with compassion, our amazing method created by our founders.

Estate Concierge

Increase Your Home's Resale Value and Decrease Your Stress Levels

Experts understand that a clear and clean home sells faster and fetches a bigger return. Allow Maid of All Work to make your house sparkle! You may be out-of-town to complicate matters further. Interrupting your schedule to move a loved one out of their household when they can no longer manage is not simple. It is an extremely stressful time for everyone. Maid of All Work will take care of all of your cleaning needs and our own  Estate Concierge  will take care of all the extra jobs in Burlington, Oakville, Greater Toronto and Golden Horseshoe area. 

Let Estate Concierge help make this an easier and less stressful process. Our efficient and compassionate approach will treat you and your family with respect and ensure that all concerns and details are addressed.

Junk Removal Services

Our experienced staff can help with that home clearing and junk removal through our Estate Concierge division. Often this needs to be done with sensitivity, when clearing possessions of a loved one or when helping someone who is ill or infirm. We understand. If the time has come to be rid of junk, Maid of All Work can help when you’re:

Downsizing or preparing to move

Purging your home

Estate clearing, selling and dispersing personal property

Cleaning before or after a renovation

Helping people with hoarding tendencies

Personal organizing

Clearing out garages and basements

For more information, check our Estate Concierge website.

Estate Concierge & Downsizing Services donates directly to people in your community whenever possible. We turn your unwanted items into treasure for people less fortunate on your behalf. Our system carefully sources recipients such as students, single parents, seniors and the disabled. Imagine your old tea cups that are no longer being used enjoyed by a local church group.

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Trustworthy estate management

Experts Say

Money specialists consistently recommend hiring cleaning and home maintenance services. It makes good money sense and gives you more time to focus on self-care, enjoying your children and family, career and professional development—all the things you enjoy. “We accomplish all that we do through delegation — either to time or to other people.”

Steven R. Covey Author, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

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