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Providing Custom Home Services:   Servicing Burlington, Oakville & Beyond

A Message from Mike Maurice

"I enjoy making people’s lives easier by reducing their stress and solving their problems with worry-free solutions and innovative ideas.   When we created Maid of All Work our vision was, and still is, to help people in ways that may not even come to their mind at first.  This is where the advantage of my exstensive experience &  expertise,  developed from being in business for over 20 years, really comes into play.  There is almost no situation that we can not deal with; quickly, effectively, professionally.   The added convenience of working with one company for ALL of your home related needs is what our customers appreciate.  We have developed many longterm professional relationships with our clients over the years, and we enjoy being their go-to company.  Take a look at the Custom Home Services we offer and remember,  if there is something you need that is not on our list,  it doesnt mean we dont provide the service.  Just ask, we are ready to help! 



It is amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do to completely transform the look and feel of your space.  Work with the master painter that you can trust here at Maid of All Work.  Mike is personable, hard-working, knowledgeable, and very experienced.  He is  "An absolute lifesaver",  sais everyone he works with!  As a professional painter with one of the straightest edges, quickest hands, and an eye for detail, your home is left beautifully updated with an immaculate finish.   Mike possesses a varied—and appreciated—skill set.    

Call us today and book your no hassel quote. 


Professional Window Cleaning 

Maid of All Work has been providing the best customer home care for over 20 years.  When it comes to interior/exterior Window Cleaning we score an A+,  the plus being the smile on your face when the job is done in a timely manner and to your complete satisfaction.  Using environmentally green cleaning solutions we can make your home's windows sparkle.  We offer competitive rates with professional results. Your streak-free glass finish is just a phone call away.     


Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning

There is no better way to protect the investment you made for your window coverings then with ultrasonic cleaning.   Window coverings add beauty and style to your home.  Functionally, they provide privacy and help you regulate the amount of light you want in  your spaces.  However common window coverings trap and hold onto dust, dander, grease, bacteria & viruses AND they hold onto unpleasent odors and allergens.  This accumulation is awkward and can be difficult to remove with regular cleaning means without damaging the coverings themselves.  Ultrasonic cleaning involves using  high frequency sound waves incombination with our safe yet powerful cleaning solution to vibrate and dissolve the most stubborn of accumulations away.  The process usually entails removing the  blinds from your home for cleaning and then re-installing them once complete- often same day!  Call us for more information or to book a quote today.   


Waste Removal  

While working in residential homes and businesses for over 20 years, we have seen many different situations &  life circumstances that have resulted in peoples' homes being filled up with excess clutter, storage, furniture, hand-me-downs, and accumulation of garbage all contained in what could be useful living spaces.  At Maid Of All Work we are proud to offer services focused on helping you and your family take back your spaces.  We offer a wide range of services to get you started from simple organization to more complex situations like Alleviating Hoarding , with our 10-point Fresh Start Program operated by our sister company, Estate Concierge & Downsizing. 


In terms of waste disposal we take care of everything.  Our organized approach ensures anything you want kept stays, and what no longer serves you is removed from your home and then distributed to the proper resource, recipiant or recycle depot.   Plastics, metals, hazardous goods, and recyclable items are separated and disposed of according to local by-laws and waste management requirements.  Our working goals are reducing the carbon footprint of  waste,  protecting the environment, and benefiting individuals and families in need through donations.   We provide the manpower to do the lifting,  moving,  packing-up and bin disposal where required.   Co-Owner, Caroline Maurice is a Professional Life Coach & Organizer who will lead you through the process if your situation is more involved and additional support is required.  Contact us to explore your options and discuss any questions you may have. 


Fogging & Electrostatic Static Spraying Treatments

At Maid Of All Work we clean deep and we clean thouroughly!  Through our years of experience we have carefully selected all of our cleaning products,  cleaning tools, and cleaning team members.   We are proud to confidently say that "we use the best  of the best".    A perfect example is when we could not find a micro-fiber cleaning cloth that we were satisfied using based on safety and performance,  we developed our own custom M-Cloths

However even with all of our standards, on-going procedural training, and continual adherance to Ontario Health & Safety guidelines there are still instances when we need to more then manually clean your home and work spaces.

Fogging and Electrostatic Spraying provides an added element of coverage that even a super deep cleaning can not provide due to the nature of the delivery system- cloths, mops, dusters and vaccums.  Fogging and Electrostatic spraying involve using a disinfecting or antimicrobial agent ( all safe, odorless, and Health Canada approved) and then dispersing that agent in micro-droplet form directly into the air, onto high contact surfaces, furniture,  drapery, and hard to reach nook & crannies.   An electrostatic sprayer charges the particles of the solution before they are dispersed, thus creating a strong affinity (hold) to the surfaces treated.  This prevents drip and allows the product maximum activation time in place. 

These treatments are perfect for sanitizing, disinfecting, killing mold, mildew, viruses and bacteria.  As their applications are touch-free, cross contamination is also never a concern.  Contact our office to explore which treatment is right for your situation, all inquiries are handled with compassion and complete confidentiality.   


Ozonating- Odor Eliminating Treatments

Bad odors produced from the breakdown of organic componds not only smells horrible but can also be bad for your health.  Mold, mildew,  musty strong odors, animal excrement, smoke, diapers, food rot and strong residual cooking smells, can all create an environment that is unpleasant to the senses and evokes negative associations.  This problem in our experience is one of the top reasons why a property may not only sit longer then expected on the realestate market, but why it may not bring-in top returns- people can see beyond a bad paint color but odor stays in the nose!  Sometimes even after a throurough deep cleaning, including carpets and even painting, there are still smells that persist.  Using our ozonating technology we are able to reduce and in most cases eliminate lingering odors.  Please note this service is performed with pets and family off the premises until the ozone levels created have safely dissipated. 

Mike Maurice

Premium Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

Our very own custom M-Cloth was developed right here in Burlington by Co-owner Caroline Maurice.  Our cloths are a powerful cleaning & disinfecting tool.  Our carefully selected microfiber cleans as expected, by trapping any visable dirt & debris without streaking.  Our M-Cloth have a  x7 absorbancy rate due to their tiny, plentiful fibers.  When used with water alone they are proven to remove 98.9% of tiny microscopic pathogens like bacteria and viruses.  Compare this to a regular cotton cloth treated with bleach which only yeilds a 92% effectiveness.  Besides these great qualities, our M-Cloths dry faster, do not require chemicals, are gentle on your hands, durable on the job, and they last much longer then traditional household cleaning cloths. 

Set of Premium M-Cloths $45 or  $10 each

Custom Home Services:

Professional Window Cleaning

Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning

Deep Carpet Cleaning

Handy Man Repairs & Projects

Packing & Moving

Junk Removal

Professional Cleaning

Wall Paper Removal

Hazardous Waste Disposal

Professional Int/Ext Painting

Garden Clean-Out


Ozonating - Odor Elimination

Antimicrobial Electrostatic Spraying

Professional Organizing & Tidy-Up

Carpet & Baseboard Removal

Hoarding Alleviation Program

Post Renovation Clean-Up & Disposal

Preparing Your House For The Market

And More, Just Ask!

Diamond reader's choice

Reader’s Choice Diamond Award

Maid of All Work holds the most recent Reader’s Choice Award for Window Cleaning. This is the top award and is chosen by you—the people—our valued customers.

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Give us your list and get back to what is important.  Enjoy spending more time with family & friends.  Take up a hobby or start that exercise program you have never gotten around to becuase of "X, Y and Z" ...

Maid of All Work is all about developing long term relationships (although we do lots of one time jobs too!).  Our clients appreciate our custom approach.  We not only get to know your needs, we also become familiar with your home, your pets, and your family.  Our business has been, and will continue to, be here for the long haul including any life transition or changes that may come along the way- organizing, renovating, downsizing, moving, selling, relocating- we are able to support you.  We are all about convenience and increasing your valuable family time together.  Often we can schedule  your services together such as house cleaning, windows washing, carpets cleaning, and specific maintenance jobs.  Whatever service you need, rest assured knowing the job will be done timely and professionally.   

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Money specialists consistently recommend hiring cleaning and home maintenance services. It makes good money sense and gives you more time to focus on self-care, enjoying your children and family, career and professional development—all the things you enjoy. “We accomplish all that we do through delegation — either to time or to other people.”

Steven R. Covey Author, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

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