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Essential Disinfecting Services & Products 


Fighting COVID-19 Head On:

Products Approved By Health Canada To Kill Covid-19

You need disinfecting and virucidal treatments even more than ever amid the current COVID-19 outbreak.  We want you to know we are here to help you effectively sanitize and disinfect all of your living & working spaces, in fact your cleaning needs are our #1 priority.   You can put your complete trust in us knowing we use the leading industry equipment, products, and protocols when it comes the health and safety of your family.  We also enable businesses to provide assurance to their customers and their employees.  This will be crucial as we enter the next stages of government regulated re-opening as larger groups of people begin to be permitted in public spaces.  Knowing that you, your family, and your work environments are safe and have in place the most effective measures possible is incredibly responsible and benefits everyone as we navigate through this pandemic.


Effective immediately, in addition to our regular cleaning and disinfecting services we provide the following treatments to eradicate pathogens like COVID-19 that may be lingering or introduced in your living spaces. 


High Traffic & Contact Surfaces                                                                                                                                          Virucidal Treatments Starting At $25

Our powerful virucidal cleaning treatment provides your family immediate peace of mind.  Applied directly on the high traffic & high contact surfaces such as entrances, light switches, faucets, counter tops and more,  our virucidal agent is virtually odorless.  It is safe for use around children, animals, and on food contact surfaces. Futhermore, it is endorsed by Health Canada as being effective against COVID-19.  Our sanitizing protocol involves manually applying the agent using our very own developed microfiber cleaning cloths. These cloths trap dirt and pathogens within the tiny and plentiful fibers that regular cleaning cloths miss, or worse, spread.  Imagine it is like a Velcro for germs.  Our M-Cloth can be effective in removing 98.9% of bacteria on smooth surfaces, add our powerful virucidal agent and this is increased.  In contrast, a conventioanl cotton cloth using an agent like bleach is only 92% effective.  Our virucidal treatment option also provides the highest standard in killing bacteria, even those to be resistant to antibiotics!  With 3000 ppm of active germicide it is also effective against a wide variety of other pathogenic microorganisms.   


Extended Full Coverage                                                                                                                                                    Antimicrobial Treatments Starting At $100

Our antimicrobial electrostatic spraying treatment can provide you a sense of protection & also prevention against virus and bacteria  that reside in your live, play and workspaces.  When used with our powerful antimicrobial agent this treatment is effective in killing pathogens not only on non-porous and porous surfaces, but also destryoing those lingering in the air.  This is because the product is dispersed as a fine micro-mist that can penetrate the hardest to access spaces.  Making this treatment even more desirable is it's extended coverage, as not only does it actively kill virus, bacteria and molds on contact, it also inhibits their growth for up to 30 days.

We use Victory Innovations' Electrostatic sprayer .  This sprayer has been widely tested and is used in local hospitals, pharmacies, daycares, schools and businesses.  Its' effectiveness is in part because it electrically charges the antimicrobial solution before it disperses it into the air.  A charged solution applied as a micro-droplets has a strong affinity for conductive surfaces.  This attraction creates an even distribution of the product, keeps it in place (avoiding pooling and dripping), and it eliminates the risk of cross contamination (touchless application).

Our antimicrobial solution used in our sprayers is virtually odorless.  It is a powerful, effective agent approved by Health Cananda and registered by EPA.   It destroys many pathogens such as E. Coli, Salmonella, Listeria, Influenza and COVID-19.   It is safe for use on most surfaces including carpets, fabrics, natural stone and plastics.  It is approved for use around children, pets, and even on direct food contact surfaces.   Best of all, it literally destroys virus and bacteria within 60 seconds of application and remains actively combating new contaminations for up to 30 days!     


You Should Know...

In addition to offering cleaning services for residential and commercial clients, we also sell our own line of microfiber cleaning cloths. With over 20 years in the cleaning industry, Maid of All Work understands that the tools of the trade are of the utmost importance. After searching high and low for cleaning cloths that were gentle on hands, absorbent, durable and streak-free, we decided to create our own line of high quality microfiber cleaning cloths with a signature drying system. Our cloths remove 99% of bacteria with just water alone and are extremely durable. 

Antibacterial Disinfectant 12oz and 2 Microfibre Cloths $25        



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